Weekly Food Diary | Shanghainese Dumplings & Date Cakes at The Viceroy

What I ate in a week includes all the food inhaled on my trip to San Francisco and Shanghainese comfort food with Mom.

12pm: A berry smoothie bowl made with frozen berries, banana, coconut water, and almond milk and topped with coconut flakes, hempseed, frozen berries, and sliced banana. It's so good and so good for you!
8pm: We have a dinner of leftovers where we finish our Ethiopian and Chinese food while watching Master Chef. Surprisingly, the two go very well together. 
10pm: A few bites of watermelon, a nectarine (delicious and in season at Whole Foods), and I sneak in a small piece of brownie while M is distracted.

12pm: A Google salad of little gem lettuce, mixed greens, rice noodles, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, feta, and sliced almonds. It's healthy, delicious, and keeps me full for the rest of the day.

7pm: At the Santa Monica Pier twilight concert, we snack on grapes, hummus, nuts, Sun Chips, and carrots while listening to Alina Baraz, one of my favs!
10pm: A late night no wait dinner at Kazu Nori Westwood where I get two blue crab hand rolls, and a salmon roll.

1pm: After a sweaty and muscle toning workout with Physique 57 at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, I pillage the lunch spread and inhale veggies, hummus, shrimp skewers, fruit, and the most delicious date cakes.

7pm: I'm flying out to San Francisco to speak on the Elf Cosmetics x Simply Stylist Beautyscape panel. Unfortunately, my flight is delayed by four hours so I end up eating at Gladstone's inside Terminal 2. Their sourdough clam chowder bowl is surprisingly good and the $26 seafood salad is not bad either.

9am: I eat a piece of bacon, some eggs, and a few grapes as much needed fuel before speaking on back to back panels.
12pm: At the Beautscape luncheon, I have a salad, some dry chicken, and a few bites of a very delicious lemon cheesecake at Hotel Vitale.

3pm: Finally, some R&R! While watching TV in my hotel room, I snack on a snack size noosa. It's so creamy and rich that it's basically dessert yogurt.

8:00pm: Back in LA and ready to eat. M and I go to Otus, a Thai fav that's not in Thai Town. We order too much, per usual, and get the crispy rice with lettuce, chicken wings, pad see ew, Thai fried rice, and tom yum soup with shrimp. I indulge in some coconut water and in an attempt to not be wasteful, stab into the coconut meat.

11am: M makes Acai bowls for us and we eat them in bed while finishing Brooklyn. It's such a simple story that comes together beautifully.
4pm: I snack on grapes and chips while binge watching My 600 Pound Life. I feel a little guilty watching the show while eating junk food.
9pm: We have a late dinner at The Pita Kitchen, a hole the wall next to a newstand that's down the hill from our house. I get the beef kafta pita wrap and am not impressed with it at all as the beef is fried and mixed in with bread crumbs. Definitely won't ever get it again.
1am: A late night nectarine to end the week.

2pm: I have a Granny Smith apple, string cheese, and a kombucha while driving to the SGV. It's tough eating string cheese in the car as I like to peel it layer by layer.
7pm: I have dinner with Mom at Shau May Deli, a Taiwanese cafeteria in San Gabriel with the best sheng jian bao (pan fried juicy dumplings) in the world. Seriously, it's better than the ones in Shanghai! When I lived in Pasadena, I'd come here about once a month so it was definitely a treat to come back after years of absence. Beside the bao, we share the shredded pork with pickled vegetables noodles and the shao mai (glutinous rice with pork dumplings) and wash it down with a watermelon slush.

11pm: A giant nectarine and an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm to end the night.

12pm: I make myself a berry bowl with the roster of usual ingredients.
2pm: I have an Oreo snack pack swiped from my doctor's visit earlier in the day.
8pm: Dinner at Pampa's Grill again! While waiting for friends to arrive, I can't tame my hunger anymore and eat first. Their sirloin cap is one of the best cuts of red meat in LA.
10pm: A few swirls of Yogurtland froyo.