Weekly Food Diary | Smorgasburg LA and Chinese Tamales

This week's food diary features a visit to Smorgasburg LA and many celebratory meals for M's birthday!

9:30am: Egg, cheese, and sausage bagel sandwich on our way to JFK. Goodbye NYC!
4pm: Granny smith apple on our ride back home from the airport. I'm exhausted from the traveling and can't wait to take a nap.
7pm: Dinner at Sushi by H, one of our favorite sushi restaurants in LA. We go at least once a month and have our order down to a science-edamame, lava stone roll, the San Vicente roll, fried tofu with mushrooms, unagi, and seared salmon with wasabi mayo.

12pm: Yogurt parfait.
3pm: Starbucks iced tea.
7pm: TJ's Kale and chicken salad, a bran muffin, and a banana. I'm trying to detox a little from New York.

12pm: Greek yogurt, frozen berries, banana, TJ's bran muffin.
5pm: Tangerine and half of a Milk Bar corn cookie.
8pm: I'm craving red meat so we go to Texas Best BBQ for some good ole fashioned baby back ribs, beef brisket, mac n cheese, and coleslaw.

12pm: California Chicken Cafe for their signature salad (with dark meat chicken).
7pm: Smorgasburg LA preview where I sample verde pozole, mozzarella sticks,
acai in a coconut bowl, this really interesting dessert called Raindrop Cake that looks like silicone implants, frozen banana dipped in chocolate, Alan Greenspan's grilled cheese sandwich, pressed Cuban sandwich, and the best chicken gizzard skewers. This is a great weekly food festival for those that live in DTLA or the Eastside. Tons of great food vendors!
8pm: Needless to say, I'm stuffed by the time we make it to Terroni for M's birthday celebration. I eat a slice of their white pizza, and can only finish a few bites of my burrata and grilled eggplant and heirloom tomato salad.

12pm: The sweetest peach from Whole Foods drenched in Greek yogurt and sprinkled with granola.
5:30pm: Dinner at M's Mom's house to celebrate his birthday and Father's Day. I fill up a plate of grilled chicken, beef, rice, beans, jicama salad, and potato salad. I skip the chocolate and peanut butter ice cream cake and opt for some watermelon juice.

12pm: It's over 100 degrees in LA today so M takes me to work as it's much cooler by the beach. I have my favorite salad (buckwheat noodles, little gem lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, eggs, and tofu) at Google and two slices of pizza.

3pm: I alternate between black tea and matcha green tea as I work the afternoon away at a nearby coffee shop.
8pm: We have dinner at our favorite (and only) shabu shabu restaurant on the westside. I get my usual-beef shabu with veggies and noodles and add generous heaping of minced garlic to my ponzu and peanut sauces.

12pm: I wake up with a sodium hangover as my face is puffy and I feel like absolute shit. I try to cure it with a light lunch of water, greek yogurt, granola, and fresh peach. It doesn't work.
2pm: After my yoga class, I'm starving and grab a protein smoothie from Beaming which costs $11 for like eight ounces! I finish the entire thing on the drive from La Cienega to Robertson (three-ish blocks). At Beaming, I spot two of the girls from The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. They're taking selfies which waiting for their overpriced smoothies. Of course they are.

6pm: Still feeling like shit, I eat two of Mom's zong zi, the Chinese version of tamales. It's sticky rice stuffed with pork wrapped in bamboo and they're so good that I feel zero guilt for eating so much carbs for dinner.