Fab Five | Baby Soft Skin

Revealing five tried and true beauty products that's got my skin feeling soft like a baby's you-know-what.

A recent hydrating facial Skin Matrix at changed my beauty routine. Using all-natural products to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and hydrate, my esthetician did a wonderful job of renewing my skin as it felt silky and buttery for days. I was addicted to the newfound softness and vowed to let it ride for as long as I could. Unfortunately I don't have her fancy equipment or an oxygen misting machine so I dug deep into my beauty box and found five products that seemed promising. After using all five religiously for the past few weeks, I'm happy to report that baby soft skin is absolutely within reach!

{Paul's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid}
I use this as a toner day and night after cleansing as it hydrates and doesn't strip away moisture. The 2% BHA helps to unclog blackheads and reduce pore size. My skin feels really clean and ever since using it I haven't felt any bumpy blackheads on my nose.

{Kate Somerville Clearing Mask}
I use this mask about once or twice a week to help keep breakouts at bay. What's great about this mask is the clay is super clarifying and unlike other similar masks it won't dry out my skin. In fact, my skin feels soft and clean after every use.

{MD Sun Super Hydration Serum}
A dermatologist's skincare line, this serum has been a game changer for me. It goes on light, isn't oily, and my skin stays soft, smooth, and hydrated for hours. A few drops goes a long way.

{H20 Fresh Powder Exfoliant}
This product from the newly relaunched skincare line is a game changer! The exfoliant is in powder form and you simply dab a little bit of water to get it going. The beads are so fine that it's 100% non-abrasive but after leave use my skin feels buttery soft, a texture that is absolutely foreign to me.

{Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash}
This truly is a gentle wash that can be used day and night, season after season. I use it with my Foreo Luna cleansing device and have seen a great improvement in blemishes and uneven skin tone. It doesn't dry out my skin and preps it for the rest of my skincare regimen.

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