Weekly Food Diary | Afternoon Tea & Mom's Cooking

This week's food diary features an overload of flowers and finger size bites. And the usual overeating.

2pm: I have a bowl of nonfat plain yogurt mixed with frozen berries topped with granola on the way to the doctor's office.
7pm: Per doctor's orders, I'm on bed rest for a few days and ordered to take it easy the rest of the week. M nukes the leftover Indian food from Saturday and I get to eat it in bed!
9pm: I have three loquats and a few slices of watermelon. Why does everything taste better in bed?

12pm: Same yogurt parfait as yesterday. I've always been a creature of habit when it comes to lunch.
4pm: Starved so I scarf down a third of a thinkThin Crunchy Peanut Butter protein bar. I always stock on them as they taste like candy bars and contain 20g of protein.
7pm: Pho with extra veggies at Mama Hong's, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in West LA.
9pm: A few slices of watermelon

12pm: Raisin Bran with frozen berries and almond milk. Sorry guys, this week hasn't been too exciting. But it gets more titillating, I promise.
4pm: While checking out beautiful floral arrangements at the Chelsea Flower Show, I snack on a piece of brownie and a curried chicken finger sandwich.

7pm: Quarter dark meat chicken, basmati rice, hummus, pita bread, salad, and their deadly garlic spread from Zankou Chicken. When it comes to eating anything garlicky or smelly, I have an "all in" policy. The person I'm with must eat it with me or we avoid it altogether. Otherwise, one person is always victimized.
9pm: strawberries and a small nectarine

12pm: I get eggy at the Clinique pool party at The Avalon Hotel and sample egg frittata and an egg sandwich and wash it down with coffee and orange juice.
2pm: Starbucks iced tea with a splash of lemonade.

5pm: I get home and I'm as tired as I am starving. I stand still for a few seconds debating whether to forage or remain still. I raid the fridge and devour a granny smith apple.
8pm: At the Call It Spring Alice in Wonderland themed party at No Vacancy, I make a mad dash to the hors d'oeuvres table trying my best to not look too eager. It's a tea themed event so all the food is bite sized. I scarf down a few pieces of veggies wrapped in veggie and braised pork finger sandwiches before resuming acceptable social skills.
10pm: We have a late dinner at Hoy-Ka noodles, every Thai friend's favorite restaurant. We split a papaya salad and I slurp up every spoonful of my spareribs noodle soup. The flavors are spicy, tangy, and authentic. A happy ending in the way of mango sticky rice hits the spot.
12am: As I drift off to sleep, I'm thinking about the noodle soup and regretting not ordering a large.

1pm: lunch at lemonade with my friend Dana who is launching a sole saving new product called PreHeel, a spray that acts as an invisible shield for gals who love painful shoes. I have a portion of the green beans with chicken and a portion of their lima beans salad.
7pm: I eat half of a thinkthin protein bar while dancing it out to Big Sean.
8pm: At the Levi's house party, I eat four carne asada tacos and a side of rice.
9pm: On our way to a friend's downtown bar crawl, we stop by ixlb, a new to-go dim sum place on Sunset Blvd. Originally, I was planning on getting an Arby's roast beef sandwich next door but I just can't resist Chinese food. I eat a char siu bao and two lotus root sesame balls. Love both and love the owner who is a third generation Chinese American that uses his grandparents' recipes for every dish. I try my best to convince him to open a shop in West LA.

1pm: A granny smith apple and a Kashi dark chocolate granola bar on the way to a slab yard to find our kitchen countertop.
4pm: We stop at Whole Foods and I make myself a little smorgasbord.

7pm: We meet up with friends for dinner at Midici Pizza Co. I get a pizza with sausage, calabrese, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes. The manager comps a nutella calzone!

1pm: M makes a yogurt parfait with a side of leftover pizza for me. Ah, the good life.
7pm: We buy a lobster from Newport Seafood and roast duck from Sam Woo and head over to my parents house to celebrate Mom's birthday. She cooks a few yummy dishes and we feast on a (mainly) home cooked Chinese meal. I eat one and half bowl of red bean soup with dates and a slice of taro cake for dessert.

Next week our kitchen cabinets will be here which means soon I'll be able to start cooking again! We've been without a kitchen since late February and although I'm no Barefoot Contessa, I've been itching to cook. There's something comforting about cooking at home. Plus, it means we'll be one step closer to finishing our house remodel!