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Sharing the one outfit that I've been obsessively wearing in and out of the gym!

Minkpink Move crop sports bra | Chi Chi Active leggings | Fabletics shirt | Wildfox Couture sunglasses | ASH sneakers

Before the athleisure movement exploded, I showed up to the gym in the oldest most raggedy tees I could dig up mismatched with floppy and shapeless sweatpants that pretty much covered any traces of a butt. The thought of looking nice while working out just never occurred to me because I didn't think sweat, pain, and outfit of the days gelled. Yet it all didn't make sense because anytime I saw someone I knew I'd duck behind a Stairmaster embarrassed to be seen in a bummed out version of myself. I also had to go home and change after every gym visit. It was all so counterintuitive. But nobody knew any better!

So, thank you athleisure for breathing intuition into workout clothes and for giving my butt a chance to make an appearance (caveat: after at least 100 squats). Oh, and I'm giving athleisure all the credit for hooking up singles at places like SoulCycle and Equinox.