Winter Style | The Five Stages

This is what goes on in the head of a very dramatic LA girl while taking outfit photos during February in NYC.

{Stage 1}
Yeah, it's ridiculously cold but if I just adjust my scarf and keep my head down, it won't be so bad. If there's one thing I've learned from reading the endless inspo quotes on my facebook feed, it's that the human spirit is strong enough to do just about anything for 15 seconds. You've got this Jenny!
{Stage 2}
I don't think manipulating the scarf is helping. Is this even the right scarf for the outfit? Do I even need photos in this outfit? Have I taken photos with this beanie already? Is this pose okay? Should I switch it up? What's a "keep warm" pose? How do all those bloggers pose for street style photos wearing skirts and heels in snow? What's their secret? My nose feels numb, is that normal?
{Stage 3}
Guilty Perturbance
I feel bad for thinking this but can't he snap any quicker? No, I should be grateful he's taking my photos. Okay, feign a smile. C'mon, raise those lips. No, they're quivering too much. God, is he adjusting the aperture again? I'm against a white wall. There is no aperture situation! No, be grateful. Be. Grateful.
{Stage 4}
Cam Newton Zone
I've lost feeling over my entire body. I don't care if all the photos are unfocused and I have the look of death in every single one of them. I can't do this anymore. Does he see the death daggers I'm sending with my eyes? I'm about to Cam Newton this joint and walk the eff out!
{Stage 5}
Bye Felicia
Done. No more. Oh, that wasn't so bad! Hmmm, isn't Dominique Ansel around the corner? I wonder if they have any cronuts left.
 Cosette Clothingsweater | Justfab scarf | LF Stores poncho | Fabletics leggings | Justfab flats | Sofia Cashmere beanie