Fitness | My Winter Guiltless Pleasures

This post is sponsored by thinkThin®. All words and opinions are my own.
I'm breaking out of my usual guilty winter slump by soaking in the Santa Monica sunshine and taking full advantage of our last few moments under the palm trees!

Historically, I've gone into deep hibernation during the winter months. Deep as in all the way down the rabbit hole of staying in my PJs on the weekends watching Netflix and taking occasional naps to break things up a bit while covered in junk food crumbs. Okay, more like buried in crumbs. It's not a particularly good look for me as once spring thaw comes around, I'm knee deep in winter purgatory-ridden with guilt while feeling completely lethargic from the junk food coma.

Determined to break out of my winter slump this year, I've been trying to stay more active while taking advantage of my fleeting residence near the beach during an uncharacteristically warm winter. Our impending move out of Santa Monica is definitely triggering a sense of urgency in soaking up every last  ray of sunshine here. On the weekends, I indulge in healthy activities like riding around in my new cruiser from Beach Bike and running along the beach. Instead of nap breaks, I go for a walk along the palm tree lined streets. And instead of huddling in bed with the shades drawn brooding like a vampire, I bring the laptop and my favorite thinkThin® protein bars to Palisades Park so I can work, view the view, breathe in the fresh sea salt air, and enjoy a healthy snack. And honestly, I've found so much joy in "indulging" in these guilt-free winter pleasures that I've finally been able to break free from the chains of my winter slump!
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