Beauty Talk | Speaking Volumes

Inspired by my recent volume enhancing style session at Benjamino Salon, I'm teaming up with Nexxus New York to recreate my salon blowout quickly and effortlessly for the holidays with just four products! 
This is actually the first time I'm using Nexxus so I was super excited to take some of its most popular products home from Target for a spin. I'm super impatient when it comes to hair styling which means my hair products need to achieve maximum results with minimal effort. It's a pretty high bar and I was curious to see if Nexxus could reach it! Here's my step by step guide and review of my Nexxus hair tossing, volume inducing holiday tresses DIY styling sesh.

{Step 1}
I lathered up post-gym hair with Nexxus Therappe Shampoo. It's richly formulated and smells like coconut. A little bit goes a long way as just a small dime size dollop was enough to lather my roots. I usually don't apply shampoo from root to tip as that can be drying plus the lather naturally makes its way down the hair shaft. I followed up with my Nexxus Humectress Conditioner. Formulated with protein and a fancy caviar complex, the conditioner deeply conditions leaving my hair feeling soft and moisturized even after a thorough rinse.

{Step 2}
I towel dry my hair for as long as possible so that it doesn't take too much abuse from the blowdryer. After leaving my hair in a towel for twenty minutes, I whip it out and squeeze a few pumps of the Nexxus Caviar serum, a concentrated oil version of the conditioner, and work into my ends. What's great about this serum is its weightless and oil-free formulation that multi-tasks to condition, strengthen, and to speed up drying time.

{Step 3}
Okay, I'm ready to start blowing! At this point, my hair is almost dry so I move quickly! I flip my hair over and spray Nexxus Maxximum Superhold Styling Mist for an instant boost of volume. Even though it's maximum hold hairspray, it doesn't crunch up my hair and allows a lot of room for movement while pinning down flyways and lifting the root. I flip my hair back and spray the top of my head in sections before blowdrying the scalpy region. Then I twist my hair up into a high bun and spray a little bit more. I let it set and dry and move on to makeup.
After about twenty minutes, I use my blowdryer for 30 seconds to heat the bun before letting it all out. With zero curling and very little styling, I have voluminous and textured waves that took just a few minutes to create. I think Nexxus has just raised the bar on effortlessly haircare!

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