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I wore my Free People boho dress and paired it with my AGL boots on a recent R&R to a B&B with the beau! 

I'm currently in Acapulco with the family on our annual Christmas in Mexico holiday vacation. It's humid, palmy, and my hair is getting all kinds of beachy wave play. Life is good. No, it's great. And I feel blessed from head to toe. The only thing missing from our vacay? M, who's home working away. I miss him terribly and can't help but think back to last weekend when he swept me away on a secret weekend getaway to Santa Barbara. It was one of those lovey dovey weekends filled with wine tasting, lazy strolls, and an uber romantic stay at The Simpson House, the prettiest B&B in all the land. 

I wore my new Free People dress, a super versatile dress that when paired with over the knee boots, can withstand the mildly cool temps of a Cali winter. There's just something so romantic, so ethereal, and so free-willed about this dress. Perhaps it's the harvest floral print, the billowy fabric, or the asymmetrical go with the flow hem. When I'm in this dress, I feel light like a butterfly. And free as....well, a butterfly.