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 I’m partnering up with Paula’s Choice to bust some of the biggest beauty myths and to share what's been working for my skin this fall!

 As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie I’m much more concerned with information gathering and doing the requisite research than being beauty struck by shiny packaging and flawlessly photoshopped celebrity ambassadors. After all, I’m keen on the fact that most marquee beauty brands have deeper pockets for their marketing and advertising budgets than for product development. And it looks like Paula’s Choice agrees with my beauty philosophy as its founder and beauty expert Paula Begoun has penned over 20 books including my favorite, 20 Beauty Myths BUSTED!” Her books along with the "beautypedia" website contain a wealth of unbiased information aimed at educating rather than marketing.

I’ve never used Paula’s Choice products before but have always heard positive things from friends and other bloggers. So when they approached me to try a custom tailored skincare regimen, it was a no-brainer to say yes. The customization started with a 30 minute phone call with one of their skincare specialists where she asked me detailed questions to assess my concerns and problems to come up with a list of target products. Wow, I wasn’t just another “combination skin” profile! And this isn’t a bloggers only service as they encourage everyone to call in and receive a skin consultation.
Beauty Myth: Makeup causes acne.
Busted: Makeup does not cause breakouts. Clogged pores and dirty skin can definitely cause acne which is why it’s super important to wash your face at the end of the day no matter how tired you are!
Hydralight One Step Face Cleanser: The product feels very gentle on my skin but cleans powerfully to remove all traces of makeup and debris. It’s great for dry weather and isn't a moisture sucking Dracula so my skin doesn't feel tight. I love that it doesn’t foam up which means it doesn’t contain the chemical sodium laureth sulfate.
Beauty Myth: Expensive products are always better than inexpensive ones.
Busted: When it comes to beauty products, it’s the inside that counts! Ignore the price tag and examine the list of ingredients and formulations. Some of the most expensive beauty products are nothing more than water and wax so always do your due diligence before making a purchase!
Hydralight Healthy Skin Refreshing Toner: I usually don’t use toners as they are typically alcohol-based and dries out my skin. But this one feels hydrating and evens out my skin tone with a blend of antioxidants and elastin building collagen. It almost feels like a light serum!
Beauty Myth: Age spots are simply a byproduct of aging.
Busted: Spots are not ageist! They can occur at any time and environmental factors and lack of sun protection are usually big triggers. Potent hydroquinone is the most effective chemical ingredient in combating dark spots however natural ingredients like Vitamin C can also help fade spots.
Resist C15 Super Booster: The 15% Vitamin C formulation helps fade dark spots while antioxidants provide necessary skin nutrients. It goes on really light and doesn’t feel tacky like other serums. Since using this serum, I’ve noticed my new acne spots have been fading quite quickly.
Beauty Myth: Everyone should use an eye cream.
Busted: There is no scientific evidence supporting the claim that the eye area needs products containing specially formulated ingredients not found in regular moisturizers. Any emollient rich moisturizer loaded with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients will work on the eye area. However, the application process is different. The eye area is very delicate so always dab and pat on cream instead of rubbing it on.
Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream: I like this eye cream because it is more hydrating than my regular moisturizer and provides hours of hydration. However, the effect doesn’t last all day so I take it with me and reapply midday and before dinner. The portable packaging makes it very convenient to stick in my purse.
Beauty Myth: There’s a product out there that gets rid of wrinkles and sagging.
Busted: Only a really good plastic surgeon can do that! There are no magical products, no matter how expensive, that can get rid of years of skin damage. However, the right products can definitely slow down the aging process and help maintain good skin health.
Hydralight Moisture-Infusing Lotion: I apply two layers of the moisturizer day and night as it’s light, oil-free, and feels lightweight. However, LA is experiencing a dry spell so at night I like to layer it my favorite retinol, RoC Retinol Wrinkle Correxion Night Cream.
Beauty Myth: You only need to use sunblock when there’s sun.
Busted: Harmful UV rays are everywhere regardless of whether you’re in the sun or not. Wearing sunblock 365 days a year is the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to combat aging and skin damage. Every dermatologist and skincare expert always stress the importance of wearing at least SPF 15 every single day. It’s the best thing you can possibly do for your skin!
Hydralight Shine-Free Daily Mineral Complex SPF 30: This is my favorite product from the line as it’s very lightweight and doesn’t have that sunblock scent. It goes on matte and creates a light sheen casting an effervescent glow. I love that it has a high SPF which means I don’t have to reapply throughout the day.
As a lawyer, it's in my nature to be skeptical and do the requisite research for just about everything in my life. That's why I highly recommend checking out Paula's Choice beautypedia and chatting with one of their skin care consultants to get advice, information, and resources on how to better take care of your skin. And please tell me your tips and suggestions! I'd love to hear them!

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This post is sponsored by Paula's Choice. All endorsements and opinions are my own.