Fab Find | Best Stylish Travel Tech Gadgets

Traveling with someone as tech savvy as M has really opened my eyes to a world of tech gear that makes traversing through Europe (and all other destinations) much much easier. In the past, my packing centered around how many pairs of shoes I can stuff into the suitcase without causing a shoe bomb which meant I inevitably traveled with too many pairs of shoes and not enough of anything else. But the past is the past and with the addition of present technology, my future travels will be more about efficiency and less about shoes.

To help make your future travels as easy and seamless as possible, I'm excited to share my list of the best travel tech gadgets that marries fab with function!

Nobody wants to admit it but everybody has a selfie stick and their use comes into full view when you're taking thousands of photos and don't want to say "Can you take a photo for us" a thousand times.
Throughout my trip, my fitbit kept track of calories, steps, and even my sleep schedule! The Tory Burch version is  much more stylish than the traditional and the neutral color goes with every outfit.
My phone gets banged up a lot when I'm traveling so protection is highly needed. This case functions as a bodyguard for my phone while the collection of cool designs functions as fashion accessory.
A battery pack is a travel necessity. I like this one from iHome as it's small and lightweight.
Looks like a bracelet functions as a phone notification so you're free from your phone and can enjoy the sights.
For the long flights and train rides, I don't use any other headphones as FRENDS are foldable, compact, and so pretty!


We used the Blacklane car service app all over Europe. It's easy to use, dependable, the drivers are professional and always early. Their black car prices are super reasonable!

Google Translate got us out of a few jams. Simply place your camera phone over the foreign text and the app will automatically convert the text to English!

What are some of your can't-live-without travel tech gear? Let me know so I can add them to my personal list!