After Hours Style | Little Black Top

 I'm sharing a non-traditional party outfit from SHOPAKIRA just in time for the weekend!

Jet lag is a good look on me. Instead of burning the 2am oil, I've been going to bed by 11pm and waking up at 7am getting eight wholesome hours of sleep every night. I feel more clear-headed, need less coffee during the day, and am much more productive. Fleeting? I hope not. I like this look.

With my eyes half shut by 10pm, I'm definitely taking a hit in the after hours partying game. But then again who am I kidding? I've been fouled out of that game for a long time. I can't remember the last time my stilettos stomped the dance floor. But even though I'm not dancing the dance anymore, I still like to style the look from time to time as it's a fun challenge to put together a clubbing outfit that doesn't revolve bodycon. 

In comes my ShopAkira AMMO Fly To The Moon open back top. It's simple in the front, sultry in the back and a party look that stands out from the rest of the squad. Wear it with a mini or skinny leg jeans and high heel of your choice for a look that's begging to stay up past 11pm.