Summer Beauty and Style | Dressing Body and Face

I'm wearing one of the most feminine dresses in my closet to celebrate an addition to my skincare routine that's going to be a game changer for all women!

Photos taken at The Beverly Hilton

As I've been traveling more and more this year, I've truly realized the importance of being kind to my skin. Travel brings on a flurry of unpredictable variables (weather, air quality, humidity, grime) that can mutate or multiple on a whim which is why it's super important to protect my skin against the varying elements.

This past summer, I've been adding Biossance The Revitalizer to my day and night skincare routine and it's made a big difference to the health and texture of my skin. Each drop contains squalene,a natural moisturizer found within our own skin which means the serum uses our own biology to replenish, hydrate, smooth, and clarify. It's always refreshing when a skincare company uses science to extrapolate natural ingredients as too often skincare products contain a myriad of unpronounceable chemicals. In studies conducts, over 93% of women felt that their skin was instantly hydrated after using Biossance and over 84% felt prolonged hydration after two week's use. 

I've been using it for two months and it's consistently combated inconsistency brought on by travel. I have not had any breakouts, my skin feels hydrated even after being outside all day under the unrelenting sun, and my skin surprisingly feels and looks refreshed even after long flights. 

Biossance wants you to be a part of The Embodied Project which is about helping women embody the most radiant version of themselves through nourishing what’s within. Take the survey to receive a complimentary sample of The Revitalizer and see how you can transform your mind, body, and soul starting with your skin!