Staycation | Bloody Mary

Recalling my bloody red Queen Mary outfit and my Fab Five staycation moments!

 {Five Fab Queen Mary Staycation Moments}

5. Running through the ship's engine room as we only had a few minutes left to explore its complicated framework. M the wunderkind explained the inner workings of the engine as we ran through the whole thing. We ended the "tour" at the propeller as its massive size and the eerily green light emitting from the water stopped us in our tracks.
4. Sticking our heads out of the potholes in our stateroom to talk to each other. We were literally a pair of floating heads.
3. The moment I found out they had restocked chocolate covered strawberries at brunch.
2. Walking through the Princess Diana exhibit and rediscovering just why she was the People's Princess
1. Dancing to the last glows of sunset while M sang the theme song from Sound of Music on the bows of the ship. In that moment, time seized to exist as it was just me and my turtle singing, dancing, and feeling all kinds of feels under one shell. 


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