Style Travel Diary | Denim on Denim in SF

Wearing a denim jacket with flare jeans on a windy day in SF last month.

 Photos by Sam Gomez

I just got back from a really fun weekend in Seattle and finally have the chance to post the last batch of photos from my SF trip! I never thought I'd love denim on denim but layering the jacket over crisp white lace breaks its matchy-matchy tone.

  I've always loved to travel but since The Amazing Race, I've become obsessed with it! I'm planning many more summer travels and can't wait to share each and every adventure with you. One amazing habit I've picked up while traveling is to keep my phone on silent so I can see the sights first, Instagram and tweet later. The habit stuck around as my phone is now perpetually on silent regardless of whether I'm home or on the road. I hear life just a bit more clearly now.