My Five Minute Post Workout Beauty Routine

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A quick and easy five minute post workout beauty routine got me out of my workout slump!

Photos by Kate Doherty

After returning from the Race last December, I was in a fitness slump. While training for my month long race around the world, I was at the gym almost every morning cramming in a workout before the madness of the day began. But the Race shifted my perspective as I developed a newfound love for flexibility. I no longer felt handcuffed to my morning routine as spontaneity ruled the day. Plus, winter mornings are lukewarm bordering on cold in LA!  So after I got back, I kind of stopped working out on the weekdays. The timing just wasn't right.  With mornings no longer in play, nights were difficult as I'm usually in a fetal position watching Inside Amy Schumer too tired to even move or I'm still out.  And middle of the day workouts seemed like a beauty impracticability. It seems frivolous and callous to repeat my beauty routine twice in one day while the thought of looking like a wet dog the rest of the day wasn't quite appealing either.

But as winter thawed (yes I'm being melodramatic) into spring, I began to flab out and the jiggles set in.  I knew it was time to find time to work out whenever I had the time regardless of the time of day. Whether it was a twenty minute run in-between meetings or a reinvigorating post lunch-coma yoga session, I started working out on the weekdays again! 

And I found a way to work in a five minute post-workout beauty routine with just six products from Target so that working out in the middle of the day was no longer a disruption and I could go from work out to work without skipping a beat.

Jenny's Five Minute Post Workout Beauty Routine 


With just a quick swipe over the face with my Pacifica Purify Coconut Water cleansing wipe, my skin feels clean and refreshed. It includes aloe vera, which calms and hydrates the skin.


Next I apply Laneige Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream to the delicate under eye area as it's often dry and needs an extra dose of TLC.

Then I use the super convenient and portable Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Hand and Body Lotion wipes on my arms and legs as one swipe cleans, moisturizes, and perfumes my skin with the sweet scent of coconut.


With no time to shampoo, I use a dry shampoo to achieve instant clean hair. The one from Umberto has been a mainstay in my gym bag for years.

{Smooth and Protect}

A BB Cream/sunblock/foundation/concealer is pretty much all I need to smooth out my complexion while protecting it from the sun. Laneige's BB Cushion definitely gets the job done.


Last, I apply my Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm. The tint of berry is a perfect match for the all-natural look. My cheeks are usually flushed from the workout but if I need an extra dose of rosiness, I blot the lip balm on the apples of my cheeks and blend away.

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