{GBF Beauty | Feel Fab Look Fab Part I}

This month, I made it a goal to get stronger. Although fitness has always been a priority in my life, it was previously motivated by vanity and dictated by the scale. This time, the motivation comes from a desire to build strength, to challenge myself, and to go outside my comfort zone. Twice a week I'm at Iron LA working on a series of strength training, weight lifting, and cardio blasts with my girl Jules Erickson. I'm also running the Santa Monica stairs to build up leg strength, sweating it out at Yogahop's cardio yoga class, rock climbing at Rockreation to build upper body strength, and running and planking everywhere I go.

 Although I've been working out almost everyday, not once have I stepped on the scale. Because numbers don't mean anything if you don't feel fabulous! And well, isn't that the whole point to all of this?

My fitness fixation has completely changed the way I approach my beauty and skincare routine as I'm much more methodical about the products I use as each needs to target a specific beauty concern. Through trial, error, and lots of product testing, I've put together a comprehensive three part guide on the best skincare, makeup, and hair care products for my fitness junkies. Because one should never have to sacrifice looking fab to feel fab.

 {Feel Strong Look Fab Part I: Skincare}

{Laneige Triple Sunscreen $25} Lightweight and long-lasting, I use this sunscreen during outdoor workouts. The shimmering mineral pearls provide a touch of radiance while brightening my complexion.

{Dr. Lin Skincare Acne Cleansing Wipes $7} I use the wipes after each workout in place of a cleanser as it's portable and leaves no mess. It's absolutel essential to cleanse your face after every workout as sweat and dirt can clog your pores causing acne.

{Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask $25} I've been using this mask for years as it helps to calm down my skin and dry out existing blemishes. After a particularly intense workout, I use this mask as a spot treatment.

{Kiehl's Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate $52} My skin is dehydrated after workouts and requires a boost of extra hydration. This intense moisturizer can be easily absorbed into the skin adding a boost of much needed hydration.

{Donell AHA 20 Body Tingle $35} This is not your run-of-the-mill body lotion. Containing 20% gycolic acid, I use the lotion after my shower to slough away dead skin and to help soften rough patches. It's a must for winter workouts and works particularly well on calluses. I highly recommend it for runners, those that enjoy outdoor sports, and workouts during the colder months.

Michael Todd Organics Wild Berry Exfoliating Peel $34} Exfoliating to help unclog pores and smooth out the complexion is a must if you're working out on a regular basis. The peel smells like blueberry pie and is super gentle yet powerful. About three times a week, I apply the peel to clean face and leave it on for about five minutes. I felt a mild tingle the first couple of times after application which tells me it's working. It leaves my skin feeling incredible soft and smooth without causing any redness. I had a couple of stubborn acne scars and sunspots on my left cheek that are now fading after using this peel.

{Michael Todd Organics Ultra Light Whitening + Brightening Serum $37} Immediately after the peel, I use this brightening serum to further aid with the fading of acne scars and sun spots. I love that this serum utilizes natural ingredients and Hexylresorcinol, an active agent that's much safer than hydroquinone and found to be just as effective in addressing hyperpigmentation. It also protects against UVA and UVB rays and improves skin's barrier against pollution and skin exposure. 

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