{GBF Beauty Tutorial | Gradient Lips}

The gradient lips lipstick trend has been popping up everywhere! From runways to beauty editorials, it seems like everyone's jumping on the trend that first sparked in Korea and the world of K-pop. It's a fun and fresh take on lipstick and a super easy beauty DIY that uses products you already own.

When I was young, I hated my lips. Thin lips were the beauty ideal in 80s Shanghai and mine were too thick, too pouty, too atypical. They made me feel self-conscious so I always pursed my lips in pictures. I looked like a Cheshire cat smug with secrets. I didn't embrace my thick lips until after moving to the US, reaching coming of lipstick age, and discovering the big-lipped and beautiful Angelina Jolie. 

And now, my lips are the perfect size to try out the gradient lips trend!  

{step 1}
 Gradient lips packs a statement making punch so keep the rest of your makeup light and natural. The focal point is your lips.
{step 2}
You'll need your favorite lip balm, concealer, lip pencil, powder, and lip gloss.
{step 3}
Coat lip balm over your lips for long lasting hydration
{step 4}
Dab concealer over your lips. The color should match your skin tone.
{step 5}
Use a lip pencil or matte lipstick to dab a few spots of color on the center of your lips. Use bright or dark colors for dramatic contrast. Gently blend out using your fingers.
{step 6}
Use your finger to cover lips with a pressed or loose powder to set the color.
{step 7}
Apply a clear or nude lip gloss for shine and hydration. Blot if necessary.
{step 8}
{perfect the look on a budget}

{perfect the look on a fab budget}

{live fabulously}



  1. so amazing ;-)


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  2. This looks so beautiful on you!!! Not for me though, I like the all over colour look.


  3. Lovely photos!!! :)


  4. WHAT?!?!? Smith's came out with a Rose and Mandarin Lip Balm?!?!? I looooved their Rosebud slave, THANK YOU FOR SHARING. Def picking that up next time I hit Sephora.


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