{GBF Beauty | Beauty Hacks Part 2}

Happy Friday! Here are five more time and money saving beauty hacks to simplify and FABify your beauty routine! Part I is here.

{How to DIY exfoliating acne mask}
top five beauty hacks
 Crush 5-7 uncoated aspirin pills with a metal spoon and mix with a few drops of water in a small tray to create a pasty consistency. Add a teaspoon of  coconut oil. Apply a thin layer to face and let sit for ten minutes. Rinse off and enjoy glowing, soft, and clean skin! Repeat one to two times a week.

{How to speed up nail polish drying time} 
top five beauty hacks
Wait two minutes after applying your top coat before dipping your fingers into a bowl of ice cold water for three minutes. Enjoy your shiny and smudge free nails!

{How to achieve kiss proof lipstick}
top five beauty hacks
Apply concealer to lips. Line and fill in lips with a lip liner. Apply a coat of lipstick, blot, and cover lips with a thin layer of translucent powder. Finish with a final coat of lipstick.

{How to get creative with coconut oil}
top five beauty hacks
At the risk of sounding like Bubba Gump, I use Skinny Coconut Oil as a makeup remover, as mouthwash, as cuticle oil, as lip balm, as shaving cream, as a scalp treatment to prevent dandruff, as eyelash conditioner, as gum remover, as itch reliever, as metabolism booster, and to create glowy skin by mixing a few drops with my moisturizer.

{How to control shine without blotting paper}
Tear off a piece of CLEAN toilet seat cover. Blot.

Have a fabulous weekend!

{live fabulously}



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