{GBF Life + Style} Don't Quit Your Daydream

As much as I love this outfit, I didn't wear it to last night's Nylon Magazine x Maker Studios x BCBGeneration Young Hollywood party although I should have as the romper and the bows definitely skew young. 

The party crowd flanked by actors, musicians, aspiring actors, and aspiring musicians. I used to dismiss players of the Hollywood rat race as I saw them as drifters slashing their way through life (actor slash model slash photographer slash waitress). But my perspective has changed. It's not easy to kindle the fire of hope, to believe in a dream that may never turn into reality.  After all, Hollywood isn't tangible on any level. There's no metrics, no guidelines on how to succeed. You simply have to be courageous enough to dream big, to believe in it, and to chase it with all you've got even if it means wearing and juggling several different hats. It's quite inspiring.

Please don't ever quit your daydream.
katherine kwei donna box clutch purse

photos by Kate Doherty

top {boohoo "Lucy"}
romper {boohoo | similar}
jacket {boohoo "Mariah"}
sandals {boohoo "Pippa"}
purse {Katherine Kwei "Donna"}

{live fabulously}



  1. such a lovely advice to remember; and love the look! What'd you end up wearing!?

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. nice look = DDD

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  4. Gorgeous lady in a stunning outfit. You looks so pretty .

  5. Yup. Don't think a successful life or life itself is ever easy. No pain no gain right? Though, success is very personal. Some people measured it through money, some fame and some just achieving what they dream off. Like you said, dream it, believe in it and try to achieve it. Most of all, be contented with life.
    I like your chambray romper. Adorable with the ribbons addition.

  6. Wow this look is so cute but with the heels the jacket it gets on such a sophisticated level! I need a romper like that!


  7. I love this post, so perfect for where I'm at in my life. Thank you!


  8. you look amazing! love your purse!