{GBF Loves Coachella} The Leo Moment

coachella music festival outfit idea
I'm a one man woman when it comes to celebrity crushes and my heart goes on and on for Leonard Dicaprio. It was love at first sight when he graced the screen with his charming baby face in Romeo & Juliet. And with the release of Titanic, my love sank into an even deeper abyss. On opening weekend, I watched Titanic three times for a total of ten hours of Jack Dawson. Since then, I've seen every Leo movie,  read every Leo interview, and cursed (in my head) every Leo supermodel girlfriend. Yet I've never felt compelled to meet him because the idea of Leo is an ideal that simply cannot be matched by reality. But at the McDonald's x Bootsy Bellows Coachella party, reality clashed with fantasy as shit got real.

I remember the five minutes leading up to the encounter with vivid clarity. I was in the restroom  breathing life into my limp hair with my Sexy Hair dry shampoo and the Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray from their Style Day Disaster "SDD" kit  while chatting with Brittany Snow on her fabulous newly colored crimson mane. After the hair session, I grabbed some fries and ate my way to the pool area to find my friends. While still munching on fries, I passed by a cabana and casually glanced over. Although the cabana was packed, my Leo vision kicked in. He was sitting in the back wearing a white button down shirt, shorts, newsboy hat, sunnies, and sporting a scruffy beard. I dropped my fries and stood still unable to move, speak, or chew.

After a few minutes, my friends found me and got me to move to a less inconspicuous place of stalking. They asked if I wanted to try to talk to him. I shook my head as I feared rejection would shatter and crush the projected perfection fifteen years in the lusting.  So we stood a few feet away while I pretended to not stare at him. After twenty minutes, he got up and walked up the walkway to where we stood. If I wanted to say something, I'd have to do it then and there or forever hold my peace. And as he walked right past me, our bodies mere inches from touching, I couldn't say a word. I wasn't ready to end the fantasy by bringing it into the realm of reality. Leo must live.

This is the outfit I wore the day I saw Leo Dicaprio. 
coachella music festival outfit idea

music festival outfit inspiration

floral bralet {boohoo "Rosie" | similar}
floral high waist shorts {boohoo "Danika"}
jelly sandals {boohoo "Frances"}
purse {RoviMoss "mini square crossbody" c/o}
sunnies {ZeroUV c/o}

{live fabulously}



  1. So cool !!!!! amazing floral trendency.


  2. GREAT ! . I love flowers ! :D


  3. gorgeous!!


  4. Love your glasses and your jelly sandals!

  5. OMG. So basically you looked flawless AND met Leo at the same time. Girl, you're so lucky! <3

  6. LOVE the floral matching outfit!
    Jelly shoes suit you too :)
    alicekatex ♥

  7. The floral print is lovely, Jenny! So fun that you got to see Leo :) Have a great weekend! xo



  8. cute neon suit!


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