{GBF Day to Night} From AMEX CEO Bootcamp to Coachella Festival Bazaar

For quite some time, I'd been juggling a life seeped in dichotomy-the white collar world of lawyers and the nomadic lifestyle of bloggers. I tried hard to compartmentalize the two as I feared spillage would somehow affect my effectiveness to be either. But that's just silly. I am simply a hybrid of a fashion geek and a geeky lawyer, a duality I now happily embrace.  

A few weeks ago, white collar clashed with nomad as I attended the American Express OPEN for Women CEO Bootcamp during the day where I took notes on maximizing business potential from some of the sharpest CEOs in the fashion industry and Bollare's Coachella Festival Bazaar at night where I played with flower crowns while getting tangled in yards of crochet and bohemian lace. With no time and no place to change in between, I decided to take my McGinn tweed dress on a day to night style journey. A feminine blazer, pointy pumps, and a larger than life tote helped me fit in at the conference while my bowler hat, floral sunnies, ankle booties, and my neon splattered Jimmy Choo acrylic clutch bag took the dress to the casual land of boho. 

I embrace my duality as it shapes and enriches my unique point of view. Without one, I simply wouldn't be. 

photos by Rachael

tweed dress {McGinn "Sandy"}
blazer {Carven}
tote {B.Makowsky}
necklace {Nzaara}
pumps {Shoemint | similar}
clutch {Jimmy Choo "Candy"}
ankle booties {Guess "Sana"}
sunglasses {Opening Ceremony | similar}
hat {unknown | similar}

{live fabulously}



  1. gorgeous looks!!


  2. Classic with rocking details!
    Love it

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  3. so cute!! ;]]

    i invite to me too


  4. Love the contrasting red flowers in the background against your fabulous tweed dress. :D

  5. Love how you totally transformed this look by just changing a few elements. Both outfits are fab :)



  6. Hey,R U FREAKING KIDDING ME?! It'a a music festival not the music awards. You can look cute but fashion isn't the main focus when you go to rock out with ur friends for 3 days in the sun and heat!! It's a grungy, hippie, rocker good time that will u will get dirty at by the second day. I can promise you people like Vanessa dressing like that is her look is a joke!!! That's what u call a wannabe because it's the cool thing to do to fit in at a place like that. Most people that go to Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Warped Tour and others are just normal teens and adults. Did you see a what to wear fashion show to any of the Woodstocks? No. Why? Cause no one cares. Hollywood -_-Thank you!!!!
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