{GBF Beauty + Video} Camera Ready Complexion

Recently, the GLAM crew, celebrity makeup artist Marissa Machado, and I made a beauty video showcasing how to achieve easy breezy camera ready complexion with the help with CoverGirl products. The makeup application was desperately needed as my contact lens had been irritating my eyes all morning causing major swelling and redness. Five minutes before the video shoot commenced, my left contact lens split in half inside my eye so I had to take both lens out and thanks to Dad's genes and my bookworm disposition, I shot the entire video half blind. That day, the world was a flurry of blur.

By using the the Cover Girl TruMagic Skin Perfector, TruBlend foundation, and TruBlend Pressed Powder, Marissa was able to work her magic and cover up my swollen eyes and irritated skin. And even though I couldn't see what I looked like, I felt fabulous knowing I was in good hands. 
{live fabulously}