{GBF Casual Friday} Steve Urkel

My friend Jamie is throwing a "Icons from the 90s" birthday party this Saturday and I feel compelled to dress up as Steve Urkel from Family Matters. He was much sexier than Stefan and pulled off the glasses, the suspenders, the head to toe plaid, and the snorting with nerdy confidence. I like men with big brains and thick glasses.

Yesterday, I took my James Jeans "Jojo" slouchy suspender boyfriend jeans out for a spin to a casual mid-morning Clarins spring presentation at the Bloomingdales in Westfield Century City. Every season for the past two years, fashion forecasters have decreed the return of the overalls and suspenders. And every season, they get it wrong as trepidation over the possibility of looking like lumberjacks and painters stop the masses from wearing and flaunting the trend. But I'm not going to let fear of the unconventional stop me from trying a new look. Because when it comes to style decisions, I always pick the unique, the one of a kind, the Urkel that stands a chance to leave a mark and to matter years after signing off.

photos by Melanee

top {via T.J Maxx | similar}
slouchy suspender boyfriend jeans {James Jeans "Jojo c/o}
shoes {Ahnu "Himalaya"}
tote{B. Makowsky}
sunglasses {Opening Ceremony | similar}

{live fabulously}



  1. Love the Urkel inspiration! Perfectly nerdy chic ;) The bag is fabulous too! xo



  2. you look adorable!!


  3. Love your bag!


  4. Gorgeous casual look ......the yellow pop is amazing!!!


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