{What Would Olivia Pope Wear | The Wonder Years}

what would olivia pope wear
Step aside Elle Woods because Olivia Pope, the brilliant lawyer played by Kerry Washington on Scandal, is my new legal hero. As a fellow lawyer, I admire Pope's tenacity, intelligence, fearlessness,  outside-the-box strategic maneuvers, and ability to hold her own against some of the most powerful suits in the world. She also happens to have a fabulous wardrobe filled with classic and refined pieces in varying shades of white that allude to her designation as the "white knight". Her clothes are an aesthetic reflection of her femininity and a point of obsession for me. 

I want to be like Olivia Pope when I grow up. But for now, I'll have to settle for emulating her personal style through my new inspirational style series, "What Would Olivia Pope Wear" where I put together outfits for different places and events that channel and project her style. To kick off the series, I went over to my girl Shauna's house to play dress up. She's the braun and the brains behind Penny Chic, a blog dedicated to looking fabulous without spending a fortune. Together, we came up with a budget friendly outfit that Livvie would've worn in her teenage years. It's fun, trendy, print-happy, and a playful departure from Olivia's monochromatic grown-up style. After all, even Livvie was a young girl once! Details of my outfit are up on Penny Chic!

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