{GBF Life + Style} What I'm Wearing On Lunar New Year

 This Friday is Lunar New Year which marks both the end of the reign of the Snake and my Dad's year-long cohabitation with red underwear. He was born in the year of the Snake and according to Chinese tradition, one should wear the color red every single day during their zodiac year to ward off bad luck. My Dad didn't want to wear a Kabbalah look-alike bracelet or tie a red string around his neck for 365 days so he asked my Mom and I to buy him a laundry cycle's worth of red underwear. It was the most awkward shopping trip ever.

A different kind of shopping took place this past Saturday when I hosted the Macy's Lunar New Year event. It was so much fun chatting and providing style and beauty tips to the shoppers. I also found the perfect jumpsuit for dinner on New Year's eve. It's a departure from the traditional CNY red and gold dress yet still appropriately festive. The floral wide leg jumpsuit gives off a boho edge but looks put together when layered with a structured top. It's also fabulously functional as I refuse to wear anything with a waistband when eating at my parent's house.

If you were born in the year of the Horse, you can buy your red undies here: men | women. Happy New Year and gong xi fa cai!

jumpsuit {American Rag cie via Macy's}
blouse {Parker | similar}
purse {Koret}
earrings {Bar III via Macys}
necklace {Target | similar}

{live fabulously}



  1. I love your style!


  2. The dad and underwear story made me laugh out loud. I wasn't born in the year of the Horse, but just for the sake of gradual preparation: I wonder if red lipstick and nail polish count as well? Or maybe jewellery.

    I love this look, it's both laid back and sophisticated. Happy New Year!

  3. What an out of the box kind of style for the occasion! Love it!


  4. Red underpants is brilliant! That or sock is what I'd probably do if it were my year :)

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  5. Gorgeous outfit! We love the vibrant colors and patterns!



  6. Love the look, Jenny!

    My parents are just as fanatic about the red underwear. It was always so awkward to shop with them around this time of year! But, like mother. like daughter: I do the same with my boyfriend and have him buy a pair for the new year :p

  7. Loving the mix of vibrant colour and print. You look great! Happy (almost) New Year! xo



  8. Love your story! I'm laughing at red underwear. I've never heard of that! My dad is born in the year of the snake too!
    Maybe he hasn't told me, haha! I'm also wearing some red on my post today in anticipation of Chinese New year.
    You look so polished! Xin Xian Kuai Le!!!




  9. Great look- Love those pants, such a fun piece!

  10. wow you girls are so amazing and stylish!!! Love the pics!

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