{GBF Life + Style} Polar Vortex

My favorite animal is the butterfly and as a result, I've amassed quite the winged insect collection of brooches, hair pins, rings, and even a permanent accessory. By design, they're beautiful and each is uniquely dipped in bold colors and patterns that are easy on the eyes. Not one to rest on beauty alone, butterflies flutter through life with a sense of free will and curiosity that's both admirable and enviable. What draws me is its polymorphic nature, the mutative ability to alter appearance in different settings, and what endears me is its transformative experience from a gangly caterpillar to winged beauty. Simply put, butterflies are the masters of reinvention and the holy grail of my reincarnative destiny.

While the rest of America is being sucked into a vortex of Arctic chill, I'm wondering if winter will ever come to LA. Rather than wait patiently to break out my winter gear, I took matters into my own hands and layered my floral babydoll dress with a dramatic Russian mobster wife approved shearling cardigan. The oddity of layering fur over a summer dress is not lost on me but odd times call for odd measures.

photos by Tommy Pham

dress {funktional | similar}
shearling cardigan {Shareen Vintage}
heels {Via Spiga "Benny" c/o}
necklace {jurate c/o | similar}
hair pin {boutique in Shanghai | stunning}

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