{GBF Life + Style} Pink and Fuzzy

I spent this past week experiencing Christmas on steroids at one of the most magical places on Earth-Orlando! The week flew by as I hopped from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot to Animal Kingdom to Universal Orlando and back to the Magic Kingdom all the while inhaling the sights and sounds of the merriest Christmas festivities I'd ever experienced. Magic was truly in the air.

Theme park attire requires diligent planning as the elements can be unpredictable and temperatures can dip and soar throughout the day. Most of the week, I lived in tees, jeans, flats, and sweatshirts. But on my very last night, I opted to dress up just a little to celebrate Christmas with Mickey and friends at Mickey's Merry Christmas party. A soft palette popped with festive flannel and the most comfortable heels kept me warm, fuzzy, and merry all over.

My Abercrombie & Fitch soft pink jeggings are a new fav. They're super soft with a slight stretch so I felt comfortable skipping my way from Main Street all the way to Space Mountain. I layered my Abercrombie & Fitch pink flannel shirt with a white tee and a fuzzy white cardigan with super cute bow details. A wrist clutch kept my hands free so I could hold a turkey leg in one hand and hot cocoa in the other! It's a chic and comfortable outfit that can be worn in and outside the realm of magic!

flannel shirt {Abercrombie & Fitch c/o}
white tee {threads for thought c/o}
sweater {YLin}
jeans {Abercrombie & Fitch c/o}
sunnies {ZeroUV c/o}
wristlet {Aryn K}
heels {foreign exchange}

Sale alert! The entire Abercrombie & Fitch store (and online) is 50% off!

{live fabulously}



  1. Love this whole outfit, love the sweater :)

    .Georgian Clare.

  2. so cute!!

    new post


  3. Wish I could wear heels like that. Beautiful :)

  4. amazing post!!
    your style rocks :)
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  5. Nice look!


  6. WOW I love ur glasses!!! Perfection xxx
    If u want to follow each others let me know maybe ;) ?


  7. Nice look dear.
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    Kiss from Italy.

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  9. Absolutely gorgeous !!! the dress makes you even more prettier. you look fabulous.

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