{GBF Birthday Week Giveaways Day 2} $150 Boohoo.com Gift Card

On my fourteenth birthday, I received flowers for the very first time. Before high school, few boys paid attention to me as I was relegated to a string of unrequited love that left me feeling a bit hopeless about ever finding true love. High school commences and for reasons beyond my comprehension, I find myself on the receiving end of unadulterated adoration from a tall, handsome, and rather bad-ass dude. L was an alpha male, a man's man who focused his time and energy on looking, being, and staying cool. And because he was 6'2 in a school of petite Asians, he looked tough and scary and was feared by many. 

We first met in hallway D right after PE class. I was with my friends, and he with his. Our friends stopped to chat thrusting us into the conversation as well. He was wearing a baggy Nike jacket, baggy jeans, a letter belt, a Nike newsboy hat, and when our eyes locked, his face contorted into a happy smile that couldn't be controlled or wiped off. Ladies, that smile is everything. It's every guy's tell. If they can't stop smiling around you, they're into you. He got my number and called me that very afternoon. For weeks, we'd chat late into the night. I snuck a phone into my room and used the fax line to pass detection by Mom. At school, he'd show up to my class as soon as the bell rang so he could walk me to the next one and he passed me notes on the daily. To everyone else, he was a chest beating alpha male. To me, he was a big fluffy puppy.

On my birthday, we were chatting on the phone, a daily ritual, when he told me to go outside in fifteen minutes. I did and saw a dark silhouette holding a big ball start to approach. L had walked more than a mile from his friend's house and was breathing heavily from both the cold and the brisk walk. He was holding a beautiful bouquet of Hong Kong style wrapped flowers in his arms and his heart on his sleeves. He dropped to one knee, wished me a happy birthday, and asked me to be his girlfriend. So many firsts were colliding at once! I said yes and we stood outside hugging for ten minutes. I'd never felt so special on my birthday.

Our romance was short-lived as we broke up two weeks later. But we remained friends and my fondness for him remains fade-proof as he was the first guy to ever smile THAT smile at me.

I wish I had worn something dramatic and romantic like this red boohoo.com mermaid dress on that night as special moments call for special dresses. Since I can't turn back time, I'd like to change your future. On the second day of my Birthday Week Giveaways, I'm giving away a $150 gift card to shop boohoo.com. May you find that special outfit for special moments that are waiting in the wings. 

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