{GBF Life + Style} Dress For Success

There are certain clothing items that stick in our fashion memory vault. Perhaps it's your first designer bag, your first pair of skyscraping high heels, or that statement suede fringe jacket you swore you'd wear down to the seams but have yet to find the perfect cowboy soiree to dust off for. However sharp or hazy your memory may be, I'm quite certain most of us remember our first business suit as it's the ubiquitous marker of leaping into the world of adulthood, paying bills, and saying goodbye to sleeping in. 

I bought my first suit in law school for OCI (on campus interviews). It was a fiery red form fitting pantsuit from Bebe that was completely inappropriate for any jobs in the legal field. It was too much Legally Blonde and not enough Law and Order. But I was cluelessly happy in my suit as I thought the color would help me pop in a sea of black and navy. I did pop...and fizzled shortly thereafter. At the OCI kickoff mixer, none of the recruiters took me seriously as no matter how hard I tried to steer the conversation to Supreme Court precedence or the latest M&A case law, the conversations dead-ended at fashion and pop culture.  That night I learned that a business suit can make or break your future. It's one of the most important outfits you will ever wear.

That's why I'm so passionate about being a Dress for Success ambassador. The non-profit organization is dedicated to providing free business suits, styling services, and interview tips for women who have encountered hardships in the past but are ready to go back into the workforce and rebuild their lives. To kick off their holiday shopping event which starts on December 4 , I co-hosted a blogger brunch this past Sunday. I got to catch up with friends, binge on marathon photo booth sessions, and raise awareness for a great cause while wearing my suit-less Sunday pastel outfit!

 top {Joe Fresh}
skirt {shopsosie c/o}
heels {3.1 Phillip Lim "Cody"}

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