{GBF Life + Style) Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop It

When I was young, I went on vacations with the family on almost a monthly basis. Nothing five star. Just simple road trips to places like Zion National Park and Yosemite. Mom and Dad love the outdoors and would happily drive ten hours to stand in front of a really tall tree for ten minutes. I, of course, dreaded them as it meant missing weekend birthday parties and Saturday morning cartoons. Plus, all the trees looked the same to me. 

Now that I'm older and a teaspoon wiser, I realize the importance of those vacations. They were opportunities to tune out the rest of the world and to focus on the now and to enjoy the simplicity of being in the present. Sadly, if that's the definition of a true vacation, then that means I haven't been on holiday in years. Somehow I've lost the ability to disengage from the outside world and to see what's right in front of me. Such a shame because some tall trees are sublimely beautiful.

Even though my mind is incapable of switching to holiday mode, I can dress like I'm on holiday with the help of the Three Dots holiday collection. The flattering and slimming shapes in luxe knits and silky soft cottons are versatile for everyday dressing yet inherently comfy and refined enough to wear on holiday.  So, when my mind's ready to deplug, unwind, and go on holiday, I know I'll be dressed for it. 

shirt {Three Dots c/o}
maxi skirt {Three Dots c/o}
boots {Stella McCartney | affordable version}
purse {Celine | similar | affordable}
sunnies {via StyleSays}
watch {Express c/o}
neckace {Chloe + Isabel}
bracelet {Stella and Dot}

{live fabulously}