{GBF Life + Beauty} The Five Minute Wavy Hair Tutorial

At the Target fall trends fashion show, I was super excited to see the models bouncing down the runway in wavy hair. The retro curves and subtle fullness was a versatile hairstyle that perfectly complimented each runway look. And finally, a quick and easy fashion show hairstyle that I can recreate at home!
When it comes to styling my hair, my philosophy has always been to just let the wind do its thing and hope for the best. When I'm primping, I'm usually in a hurry and never have time to style my hair as it's last step in my beauty prep and usually will put me in the unacceptably late territory. But I recently discovered a method to creating wavy hair that takes only five minutes but will guarantee a day of tamed tresses that won't heed to the temperaments of mother nature. 

I like to work with day old hair as the secretion of natural oils provide better hold. I prep my hair with Umberto Roman Oil serum which creates shine and locks in moisture. Then, using a 1.25 inch curling iron (my fav is Conair Infiniti Pro as it's made from high quality ceramic and tourmaline yet super affordable), I take big sections and curl in the ends halfway up to the roots. I have a lot of natural volume so I don't curl all the way to the roots. Then I repeat the process but first I mist Umberto hairspray throughout the tips for better hold. The last step is to run my soft bristle brush through each section to amplify my polished,  bouncy, and soft waves. And that's it! All it takes to go from limp to wavy is just five minutes and fab products!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

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  1. great hair~!! ;-))

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  2. Looks fabulous!


  3. I love this tutorial - I'm always trying to get this perfect waves!
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  4. I absolutely love big bouncy waves too, but never have enough time in the morning to make something happen with my mop top. I usually save my hair for last too and usually focus more on my face and outfit, so I just hope for the best with it! I love how your hair looks though with just a few minutes with a curling iron though and will definitely be trying it soon!