{GBF Life + Style} NYFW Style Diary Outfit 3

During fashion week, I must have stomped the cross walk that bridges the Empire Hotel to Lincoln Center more than a dozen times. But the walks are far from monotonous as each step draws out the unfolding of the evolving fashion menagerie. A collage of street style surrounds the perimeters of Lincoln Center as the space is inhabited by fashion mavens, ingenues, veterans, and victims. Some are there to see the shows, others have gathered to be seen by fashion photogs. Regardless of whether one's destination is in or outside the tents, a common thread binds us together. We're there to discover, discuss, and promulgate fashion. After all, in its very essence, street style is grassroots fashion.

 maxi dress {Cynthia Vincent}
shoes {Chloe}
purse {Fendi}
sunnies {Dita}
necklace {boutique in Shanghai}
watch {BCBG | similar}
rings {CC Skye}

{live fabulously}