{GBF Life +Style} On the Road

My Grey Ant parachute top is a historical piece. In other words, I've had it for a while. The brand is known for edgy designs and I used to wear my shirt quite often in law school. On one such occasion, as I was crossing the street from the parking lot, two girls passed by. One of them looked me up and down, turned to her friend and said, "that's an ugly shirt." How rude! She didn't even have the decency to convey her sentiment outside her victim's earshot! I was on the phone with my friend (one of the best dressed girls I know) and told her about the incident and asked her whether I should go home and change. She said, "Jenny, YOU love your shirt. Who cares what she thinks. Plus, would you be caught dead wearing what she's wearing?" Hmmm, ginormous silver hoops and a fake LV bag. No way.

No matter what I do or what I wear, there will always be critics. I need to accept I can't please everyone because if I tried to I'd lose ME in the process. I need to believe in myself and be my biggest cheerleader. Everyone takes a different path. I need to strut down mine and follow it with conviction and passion.

top {Grey Ant}
jeans {pop looks c/o StyleSays | similar}
tote {Gucci | similar}
bracelets {BCBG | Express}
necklace {Capwell c/o StyleSays}
ring {c/o JustFab | similar}
sandals {c/o Shoedazzle}

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