{GBF Life} Good, Bad, and Fab Moments of the Week

I went on an event binge last week as LA lured me in with offers of candy, ice cream, booze, and swag. I try to limit the number of events I attend as it's quite easy to get swept into the world of event hopping and lose sight of reality, goals, and the meaning of life. I've met people who are part of the "see and be seen" scene. They come to LA seeking fame and fortune. They work their way into the H-wood Venn diagram chumming up to people of importance and are thus treated like VIPs and party like VIPs. But they are only "in" by association, living off of borrowed fame. With no substantive achievements to call their own, they are stripped of all sense of identity once the famous friends stop calling and the invites stop coming. It's an LA tragedy that plays itself out like reruns of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

I guess that's why I write so much on my blog as I want to remember it for its substance. Right now, my blog is the friend that gets invited to cool places while I get to tag along for the ride. But when it fades into oblivion idly sitting in cyber junkyard, I want to make sure I'm still here.

{the good}
This week, I ate really well.
fanciful wall of nails at Lollipop Nail Studio.
Beautiful fluttering butterflies at Harper's boutique. Thanks Beth for a fabulous day in the OC!
Exploring the surreal Hotel Bel Air grounds at the Estancia Wines beauty event.
Saturday leisure outfit {Target top, Lulus shorts | similar, Shoedazzle wedges, Louis Vuitton tote}.
Matching prints!

The floral centerpiece at the Langham Pasadena changes everyday yet always remains beautiful.
An inviting bath in the middle of the La Prairie Spa Hotel Bel Air
Timeless timepieces at the Timex suite at the L'Ermitage Hotel.
Blending in with my favorite staycation spot.

Always a treat to hang out with smart and savvy fashionistas!

{the bad}

This week, I overdosed on sweets at the Warby Parker poolside bash, One Dress a Day preview event, and the Superga x Man Repeller launch party.

{the fab}
PopStopTV has a sprawling karaoke lounge complete with a fog machine and a stage!
The first dance is always fabulous. Congrats J & W!

{live fabulously}