{GBF Life + Style + Giveaway} Style Permutations

Pigeonholes are for pigeons. I don't moult or eat food particles thrown at me and I certainly don't spray poop on hair so I refuse to be pigeonholed. I love exploring life's colorful and vast landscape, curious to see everything and hungry to learn as much as I can. I make decisions based on visceral preference and cerebral inspiration which contributes to a rather volatile and unpredictable pattern of behavior and selection of decisions. The same can be said about my style repertoire as it consistently exhibits a wide range of schizophrenic permutations. 

Some days I feel like a lady. Other days, a bit trampy. I can be the preppy girl next door on Tuesday and the fiesty girl about to knock down your door the very next day, Getting dressed is such a personal experience and a reflection of my ever-altering mood and spectrum of emotions. Perhaps that's why I gravitate towards Olivia Harris handbags. Named after her daughter, handbag guru Joy Gryson started her diffusion collection to bring affordable (everything's under $500) and luxury pieces (everything's made from supple leather) to complement her signature Gryson line. The collection showcases a versatile range of shapes, sizes, and designs that fit seamlessly into my nomadic style file. 

And now, I pass on the baton for you to go out there and flaunt your personal style with one of the featured Olivia Harris handbags. Scroll down to enter the giveaway!

{"fiesty"} N12H top {similar} | Clover Canyon pants {similar on sale!} | Tom Ford sunnies | Olivia Harris "Drawstring Sling" | Andrea Valentini Cuff c/o Max & Chloe {similar| Lulu*s knuckle rings {affordable option} | ASOS bracelet

{"preppy"} boohoo dressnecklace, & sunglasses | Olivia Harris "Forever 27" Satchel | Gucci pumps {similar} | Chanel cuff {similar}| ban.do hair clip {similar on sale!}


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