{GBF Life} Good, Bad, and Fab Moments of the Week

While watching Brad Pitt kick some major zombie ass in 3D Friday night, I decided that if apocalypse now went down right then and there and I became an undead, I would be okay with my fate. Because the week was absolutely fun and amazing and I couldn't think of a more fab way to usher in my foaming at the mouth end.

{The Good}
 ~kitties and sausages always go hand in hand
 ~four glorious days of nonstop eating

~BBQs and Redd's Apple Ale are soooo good
 ~sighting beautiful sites
 ~can't stop staring at my NCLA "Tennis Anyone" with a splash of glitter manicure
~battle of the Phillip Lims
~I always feel more like a lady when stepping out in Chanel
~poolside dip at my friend's Fourth of July BBQ
~it's a pink, pink world
 ~capturing a straight hair moment while in my Sauce "Dog Ears" tank

{The Bad}
~my friend's party dropper cocktail served at his panty dropping bachelor's pad. Unfortunately for him, all the girls left with our panties intact and dignity unscathed
~{unpictured because I wasn't there} Missing out on my favorite Chinese delicacies at the 626 Night Market

{The Fab}
~hosting a fabulous summer style party at the Great Labels designer resale boutique in Santa Monica
 ~seeing, hearing, and feeling fireworks

{live fabulously}