{GBF Life+ Travel} You Complete Me

I'm jetting off to London tomorrow to hang out with my boohoo fam at the Wireless Music Festival where I will be discreetly stalking JT. If you want to keep up with my creepy stalking expedition and other London adventures, follow me on twitter and instagram!

 I've been travelling quite a bit these past few months which means things are constantly being tossed in and out of my suitcase. However, one constant remains in the side netting trip after trip. My Puffs facial tissues have become a reliable travel bff coming to my aid to solve problems big and small.   

{Puffs in Shanghai}
When I was in Shanghai, I felt like I was in Korean spa purgatory. The humidity was sticky and wet triggering an effervescent glow (euphemism for pig-like sweating) that couldn't be absorbed with my oil blotting sheets as the sweat to paper ratio was astronomically discongruent. So I switched to Puffs to keep my face from melting into itself.
{Puffs in Indio}
I made the rookie mistake of wearing white leather boots to the windy and sandy fields of Coachella. By the end of the first night, my once snow colored ankle boots had turned into grey matter. With no shoe polish stands in sight, I used Puffs like a wet cloth to wipe off the dirt. The soft yet strong tissue paper worked well on leather and saved my boots from a dirty fate.
{Puffs in Hanover}
While at my brother's Dartmouth graduation, I only had Russian Red in my purse, a color way too bold and bordeaux for a Sunday morning family affair. Instead of going naked, I used Puffs to blot away some of the red to create light berry stained lips that blended quite perfectly with the waspy surroundings.
 {Puffs in London}
Any and all international trips require several pounds of jewelry so it's inevitable I've packed lots of bling to see JT and Jay-Z. Rather than take a gazillion jewelry pouches with me,  I separated, wrapped, and stored the bling in Puffs inside one big pouch. It's a space saving method to keep jewelry organized and tangle-free on a big trip.
 {Puffs at Home}
Between you and me, my favorite part about traveling is coming home. Familiarity and comfort are captured the moment I step inside my home and drop my luggage on the floor. The first night after a long trip is usually spent in bed watching a tear inducing movie like Jerry Maguire. Without fail, I always end up crying during the T. Cruise "you complete me" monologue. And if it weren't for my Puffs, I'd be burrowing my mascara smudged Panda-eyed face in my white sheets as I drift into slumber long before the ending credits.
Thanks Puffs for being a fabulous travel buddy!

{live fabulously}