{GBF Style How To} Wearing Fall Boots Ahead of Its Season

When Vogue calls, I answer on the first ring. When they ask me to infuse summer feminine style into fall boots, I ransack my closet like a raccoon in a candy store and try on ten different permutations. Mild exaggeration, but I definitely cycled through a few outfits in my head while at spin class yesterday. Rich burgundy and soft supple leather define the Clarks Lida Sayer Bootie. Along with its buckle detail and slightly distressed fading, the boot exudes a rugged look and feel that may not immediately scream summer shoes. But dream the summer dream and it will come true.

I paired the boots with the most summery and feminine dress in my possession as every inch of my Gold Hawk babydoll dress is etched in ladylike heat {similar dress from Free People}. Girly elements like the off-the-shoulder baby doll cut, segmented ruching, light silk fabric in a soft lavender floral print, and the scalloped edges balance out the boots so it can be ahead of its time.

How would you style the boots for summer? Leave a comment so I can report back to Anna Wintour.

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{GBF Style How To} Dressing up a White Tee and Denim Shorts

I spent Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica attempting to cascade in my roller blades. After sinking to the ground more times that I'd like to admit, I changed back into my Soludos, raised the white flag, and and walked over to Third Street Promenade to soothe my bruised gluts with some retail therapy. I wore my Old Navy white tee and cut-off shorts for my short-lived roller girl moment as it's the perfect summer beachside uniform. Not only is the outfit comfortable for all kinds of beachy activities and shenanigans, it's also the perfect canvas for a little dressing up action in case your day doesn't end at the beach.

After the blading and the shopping, I met up with friends for dinner at Border Grill (the grilled fish taco with homemade tortilla and green corn tamales are my favs). Instead of changing into another outfit for dinner, I simply dressed up my tee and shorts with a tailored tweed coat from Zara, my new strappy red heels from boohoo {dead ringer similar}, and a soft yet eye-catching crystal necklace. I live for effortless and easy style transitions!

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy's latest fashion lineup in store or online at oldnavy.com.

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{GBF Life + Beauty} Face. Off.

While visiting MOCA Shanghai in May, this striking painting by Joyce Ho stopped me in my tracks and sent connective shock waves through every fiber in my body. The woman in the painting is suffocating underneath the smearing of yellow frosting topped off with cherries. She can't breathe much less reveal her true self because she's been programmed to hide buried beneath layers of monoglycerides and high maltose corn syrup. Over time, the artificial ingredients that sit on the surface of her skin clog up her pores causing a begrudging dependency to use more of it to cover up imperfections. It's a wicked cycle.

Perhaps you think I'm analogizing the frosting to makeup. Not really. When applied correctly and modestly, makeup will enhance your beauty instead of cover it up. For me, the frosting signifies the invisible yet sweeping societal pressure for women to conform to certain beauty ideals and to alter, cover, and hide their faces in order to present a calibrated public image. Effff that. Celebrate your features, your flaws, your individuality and let your beauty shine inside and out.

To keep it shining a bit more brightly, I incorporate these five facials into my life. They shed dead skin, tighten pores, and provide needed nutrients so my skin can live and flourish in its natural state.

{the torture facial} 
When I breakout, I go see Renee the Torturer. She gives my skin the ultimate beat down as every blackhead and whitehead are squeezed into oblivion leaving me swollen and red and teary eyed. But after a week, my skin is completely healed and completely blemish-free.

{the face lift facial}
Celebrity esthetican Nichola Joss performs her signature skin tightening facial using Sanctuary Spa products. Using advanced skincare and intensive hands-on techniques, the facial instantly lifts and tones the face. Deep facial massage relaxes the muscles while a firm lifting massage enhances the contours of the face, instantly toning and improving skin's texture. I get this facial before I attend a big event to ensure my face is bloat-free and photo ready.

{the all natural peel}
The ARCONA Enzyme Peel provides excellent cellular renewal for summer end sun damaged, aged and dull looking skin. This activating yet soothing treatment cleanses and restores skin to its natural and beautiful balance. Organic fruit enzymes dissolve dead skin and cleanse pores, thereby stimulating the dermis to manufacture more collagen and elastin. The peels produce new, strong, healthier and younger looking skin, without the harsh side affects of a chemical peel.

{the holistic facial}
Skin Care and Body Works offers an educational facial that will teach you the proper way to care for your skin and the importance of following a good skin care regime. Detailed explanation of your current skin health followed by products and methods to improve it is highlighted through a detailed action plan so you can closely monitor your skin's progress. I love the high level of engagement and open discourse with my esthetician about my skin health.

{the monthly facial}
 I go to Burke Williams and other neighborhood spas once a month for the popular European facial where my skin is cleansed, exfoliated, massaged, extracted, and masked. The monthly facials help to minimize pores and to keep serious skin problems at bay. It's a necessary monthly tune-up and check-up that will save you from future skin headaches.

Of course, sticking to an at-home skincare regimen is just as important. Most of the time, I buy my skincare, fragrances, and beauty products online to save time and money. Make sure to read reviews on sites like MakeAlley to make educated and informed purchases!

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{GBF Life + Style + Travel} Orchards In The Sky

I've always been quite the apple aficionado. Without fail, I eat one almost everyday and relish each crispy, fresh, and juicy bite. So of course, an invite from Stella Artois to fly to Chicago to taste my favorite fruit in its bubbly libation form was accepted without hesitation. 

The rooftop of EPIC in downtown Chicago was transformed into Nantucket as apple orchards and stacks of apples gingerly decorated the space. A game of boule set atop a freshly rugged grass turf captured the attention of party goers while music pouring from a pair of string duo floated in the air. Predictably, the center of the action was the bar as bottles of Stella Artois Cidre bubbled in custom wine glasses that were constantly topped off by Stella girls. The cider strikes a great balance between sweet and crispy as notes of apples, peach, and apricots complimented a subtle flavor of spicy orange. I sipped on the cider while taking nibbles of pear and brie crostini and tuna tartar all the while fully enjoying the complexity and elevated sophistication of the cider, the downtown skyline, party chatter, and the experience of being in Chicago for the very first time.

I packed one outfit for my seventeen hour Chicago stay. As I didn't know the details of the party beforehand, I wanted to pack something versatile and sweepingly appropriate for different settings. A floral Urban Outfitters maxi dress (one of my current obsessions) with a white denim AG jacket {similar} and Jimmy Choo espadrilles fit the bill as the print is casual and summery while the length and high slits factor glam into the equation. The espadrilles kept me tall yet comfortable for any walking that may be involved while the jacket shielded against windy Chicago. I wore the outfit to the party, an after party dive into deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's, and a midnight stroll along the river. What a short and sweet Chicago trip!

Made with Hand-Picked Apples”

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