{GBF Life + Style + Giveaway} Stepford Wives

My white KAHLO trapeze jacket screams Stepford Wife and is absolutely fabulous. Although mod-like in nature, the cut is surprisingly versatile and creates a nostalgic yesteryear layer to the outfit. I added some pops of color in the form of a neon yellow RD Style sweater tank, d.RA floral skirt, and kept accessories neutral and muted. I wore the outfit to the Restorsea party at Chateau Marmont yesterday followed by dinner with a lady friend at The Golden State. The Fairfax burgers and Scoops ice cream outpost is one of my favorite eateries in the area. The menu is small but everything is delicious, especially the sweet potato fries and the gourmet yet well-priced burgers. 

In the 1972 satirical novel The Stepford Wives, husbands brainwash their wives into submissive, mindless, and docile ideals relegated to their sole role in life-being the perfect housewife. Of course, at the end of the book, they're freed from mind control and predictably school the hubbies big time. The book left a lasting impression on me as it provides unconventional commentary on feminism, female empowerment, and the rudimentary minds (a sweeping generalization of course) of the male sex.

I can never be a Stepford Wife. Fiery Shanghainese blood runs thick through my veins which means any semblance of submissive docility is completely lost on me. But sometimes it's fun to dress like one. I can wear tea length dresses, trapeze jackets, and kitten heels for the rest of eternity but please don't ever ask me to fetch your slippers. 

jacket: KAHLO
tank c/o RD Style
skirt c/o d.RA
heels: Miu Miu
purse: Fendi
necklace: boutique in Madrid

{GBF x RD Style Giveaway}

I've been wearing RD Style practically everyday as the collection is stylish and super street chic. So I'm super excited to give away a fabulous piece from their collection to one lucky GBF reader! To enter, simply "Like" RD Style on facebook AND follow them on Twitter and Instagram. And don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what's your favorite RD Style piece!

Giveaway ends Friday June 28 11:59pm PST.

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