{GBF Life + Events} Life's But a Wet n Wild Slumber Party

In my role as a Wet n Wild beauty ambassador, I co-hosted the first ever WnW blogger slumber party with my girl Taye last week. Held at The London West Hollywood, the night captured the essence of a fabulous over-the-top sleepover. There was girl on girl action (in the form of pillow fights), Clueless looping in the background all night long, two rooms filled to the brim with makeup, a root beer float and candy station, and a hilarious dance/walk off that produced two equally talented winners. And of course, there was wine and champagne. The night was a much needed infusion of estrogen, sugar, and makeup. 

When I was young, I never got to attend sleepovers as my parents were abnormally strict and  threatened to throw me in boarding school if I ever broke curfew. And I almost never did except for one night in October. I went to Knott's Scary Farm with a group of friends and was having an amazing time eating dippin' dots ice cream and pretending to be scared inside the mazes so I could hold on to my date. I was supposed to be home by midnight but completely lost track of time and didn't end up leaving the park until 12:30am. I started freaking out in the car and proceeded to mentally pen sorrowful farewell letters to my friends. I was on my second leter when all of a sudden, I realized it was daylight savings THAT NIGHT which meant I gained an extra hour and wouldn't break curfew! What perfect timing!

 I opened my front door with aplomb and almost ran into my mom who was standing by the entryway, glaring at me. I confidently and excitedly explained I wasn't late at all because time was on my side. I could tell she was struggling with my explanation as she didn't want to admit I was right and couldn't argue that I was wrong. It was the first and only time mom was left speechless. Not wanting to press my luck, I ran up the stairs and into my room and relished in the fact that time saved me from an eternity (four years) of banishment. 

{sleeopver attire}
Celine shirt
Raga butterfly shorts {similar} {similar}
Betsy Johnson fuzzy slippers Slippers {similar}

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