{GBF Life + Travel} Shanghai-The Good, Bad, and the Fabulous

I've been distracted by life so blogging has been on halt the past week which saddens me because the writing process is hands down my favorite part about blogging. I always tell people if today my readers left, the swag disappeared, and the invites bypassed my inbox, I'd still be happily writing away for an audience of one. I own fractional pieces of my life and even less is within my absolute control. So I take solace in the fact that the words I type, every single letter, is mine. 

There's no better way to sum up Shanghai than through the power of Instagram filtered picture collages. I've come to see Shanghai as an old friend. We lost touch for a few years and once reunited, it takes time to reacquaint and embrace all the changes that have taken place. But once the acceptance kicks in, excitement overtakes the need for familiarity as the new Shanghai is glamorous, enticing, and absofuckinglutely fabulous.  

{The Good} 
{first row} stir fry eel-like fish, red bean ice, spicy crab pot, fried fish
{second row} red bean and taro balls drenched in condescend milk|White Rabbit nougat|pork belly in soy sauce|sheng jian bao
{third row} shark fin|xiao long bao|young mei (berry)|red bean drink
{fourth row} drunken hairy crab| fruit platter on dry ice|frog|drunken raw shrimp

{The Bad}
eating dog meat (we didn't)

{The Fabulous}

{live fabulously}