{GBF Life} Good, Bad, and Fab Moments of the Week

My week paralleled the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony 5 in C Minor. The first half of the week was set in allegro tempo as flurries of meetings and deadlines set ablaze a dramatic and hurried pace with intermittent cadences of interlude and peace. The second half slowed to andante speed as the heat wave greatly incapacitated my ability to function much less any fastidious desire to be productive. I spent most of the weekend physically and mentally escaping my sauna. A east-west facing home with a defunct A/C is not cool. At midnight on Friday, my bedroom hovered at a sweltering 90 degrees. Thoughts of camping out on the balcony crossed my mind but the idea was dissuaded by my greater fear of getting yanked into the air by a giant and freakishly strong eagle.

 Here are this week's good, bad, and fabulous moments.

{The Good}
~brainstorming cute outfit pairings for my Nooka Hello Kitty Watch
~being silly at my Lulus pool shoot with some fun props
~pinkberry brunch
~taking over the photo booth at the Stella and Jamie party
~discovering Heirloom Cafe, a fabulous brunch spot filled with all my favorite carbs.
*side note-I found the cafe while spinning out of control at The Cycle Annex Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised to learn my spin instructor is an old friend. She was on the AHS pep squad with me!
~finger and arm bling from Lulus and Luv AJ
~I'm planning a beach party just to have an excuse to wear my new suits from Lisa Blue. Outfit changes are nothing new but bathing suit changes? It's on!
 ~cute gift bag from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel summer brunch at Mr. Chow. Executives from every SINGLE MO in the world was at the brunch as they're currently on a US press tour.  Such rock stars! I wish I could be their groupie. 
~when it comes to personal style, I'm a big advocate of versatile day to night, weekday to weekend dressing. But sometimes, it's all about wearing a silk organza Lanvin dress on a Friday and switching into a floral ass-cheek-peeking-out romper on the weekend. 

{The Bad} 
 {The Fab}
 ~a lovely Friday night stroll with nowhere to be.

 ~stepping in a new direction and into a new place. And doing it in fabulous heels one step at a time.

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{live fabulously}