{GBF Life + Video} A Cinco de Mayo Party with Sauza Tequila

I rushed from the Lucky FABB conference to a sprawling bachelor's pad tucked away in the hills of the San Fernando Valley to shoot a Cinco de Mayo "girl's night in" video for Sauza Tequila with five other bloggers. We come from different places, live different experiences, vary in age, and blog about different things. And although we started the shoot as complete strangers, by the end of the night, we were dancing and laughing together like old friends. That day, the power of female camaraderie took over the bachelor's pad (with a pool in the living room) in the hills with a little help from a few glasses of margaritas.

I arrived in the late morning and was greeted with a full crew on set. The mood was bustling as everyone was busy prepping the house for the shoot. I was quickly whisked off to get my makeup and nails done. During the beautification process, I chatted with the other ladies about their dress selections, shoe options, and nail color choices. And just when I thought it was time to get to work, we took a lunch break. I had already eaten at Lucky FABB but my policy is to never refuse food. It's impolite. After lunch, we started shooting. The house was adorned with festive Cinco de Mayo colors-brilliant fuschias, yellows and greens. Since every scene involved food and drinks, we eagerly anticipated and welcomed each take. "Dip my chip into the guac bowl again? No problem. Oh and I think I need a margarita refill...you know, for continuity sake."  Not only was the food and drinks delicious, they also looked too good to eat as we had a food stylist on set intricately preparing every morsel and drop.

We shot late into the night and by then the conversations delved beneath the surface. Our last scene took place in the cliff side backyard overlooking LA in its panoramic glory. The director kept reminding us to perk up and not look so serious as we were engaged deep in conversation, chatting about family, careers, and our hopes and dreams. I may never see these ladies ever again yet in those fractions of life, we bonded, shared intimate details, and were the best of friends. And those are the moments I'll cherish for years to come. Thanks Sauza for getting the conversation started.

I hope you like the video!

stopped in my tracks by the pool in the living room
 lovely view of my city right before sunset

can't help but throw in a little bit of Chinese into the Cinco de Mayo video shoot

pretty set, pretty food
a moment of happiness captured through a selfie. In the video, I'm wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress

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