{GBF Life + Style} Sunday Best

Although I'm a huge fan of spring's little white dress, my clumsy self just can't handle the unforgiving color as blotches of food, wine, and life always end up on the dress creating an accidental Jackson Pollack canvas. Unable to pass up the opportunity to wear a white dress for brunch on Easter, I'll be layering my bubbly and ladylike Line and Dot white frock with my aqua 2b by bebe lace crop top this Sunday. I'm obsessing over the bright and white color palette as it softly screams spring. The nontraditional mix of lace textures keep the outfit interesting and the look is versatile enough to wear from church to sucking on bone marrow at Church & State.

But in all honesty, the lace top can't combat my clumsiness. After all, it has holes everywhere! What I really need is to saran wrap myself from head to toe. But that may cockblock the outfit a bit. 

 dress: Line & Dot
top: 2b by bebe
shoes: Shoedazzle
purse: Chloe
watch: Omega
earrings: Jenny Dayco

{live fabulously}