FAB Fine Jewelry Feature-The One

The onslaught of carpal tunnel is creeping into my joints flared by my endless laptop "mousing" of images of decadent and stunning fine jewelry. I don't feel contrite for window shopping and engaging in fantasies of iced opulence. This is not an exercise basking in futility. You see, for years, echos of "I need to declutter" have reverberated against the walls of our home. Alas, the echoes always fade into the walls, silenced by my hoarding disposition. As one molecule is tossed out the front door, a thousand more somehow make their way in. Do we have a back door I don't know about? I don't want to end up on Hoarders! That's not how I envisioned my small screen debut!

 Instead of joining Hoarders Anonymous, I'm inspired to declutter by staring at pretty and sparkly metals infused with precious stones that are exorbitant in price and bling. I look to them as a reminder that less is always more. When it comes to jewelry (and other things in life), sometimes all you really need is just one spectacular piece to make your life complete. 

Lydia Courteille $25K | Heirloom $11K | Van Cleep & Arpels $25K | Rolex Daytona $25K | Loree Rodkin $14K | David Yurman $17K | Cartier $15K | Tiffany & Co $400K

If you're tempted by these goodies like I am, then join me and declutter, save up, and make way for new sparkles. Sell your fine jewelry at wpdiamonds.com

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Personal Style Outfit-Silver Jeans Co West v. East Style Wars Round 2

I was quite excited to style my white Silver Jeans denim ombre vest as its timeless simplicity and intrinsic relaxed look epitomizes LA fashion style. The denim vest is also a fabulous spring piece that can be layered and worn with anything and everything. In fact, its versatility counterproductively clogged my decision making ability as I was too overwhelmed by the endless outfit options.  Do I wear it layered with a button down denim tank and jeans for a wild wild west modern cowgirl look? Should I try to look like a lady and dress it up with an A-line skirt and high collar printed top? Vignettes of varying outfit choices circled my mind but none took center stage.

In the end, I paired the vest with a flowy nude maxi skirt and white v neck tee, a simple look inspired by LA street style. I spotted a makeup artist wearing something similar and sincerely appreciated the effortless versatility of her outfit. People often say LA dresses too laid-back, too boho, too casual. True, but I must add a style caveat. Yes, we addictively wear tees and jeans but it's not out of laziness or lethargy. We're simply striving to transform casual outfits into day to night looks appropriate and versatile for a multitude of fabulous occasions. It's no fuss dressing that's stylish and functional. And that's just fabulous! 

If you heart LA as much as I do, then please vote for the west coast bloggers in the SJCO West v. East Style Wars. Thank you!

white tee: Target
white ombre vest: c/o Silver Jeans {similar}
nude skirt: Capulet {almost identical}
espadrilles: Christian Louboutin
watch: c/o Guess {similar}


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Old Becomes New Becomes Wild

There's no denying the everlasting power of "firsts." The sweet memory of my first kiss still lingers on my lips. The all-consuming mix of emotions that flooded my heart when I fell in love for the first time still makes waves. The wretched torment of my very first heartbreak still haunts me. Memories of firsts can't fade. They're deeply and permanently imprinted into our lives, bonded by affect and effect.

Since starting GBF, streams of firsts have emerged into my fashion schema. My first NYFW show, my first Milan Fashion Week show, my first fashion video shoot, my first brand collaboration, my first guest post for Saks Fifth Avenue, my first style feature in Lucky Magazine...I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for the inconceivable opportunities that have blossomed as a result of writing about my passion for fashion. After all, I'm just a lawyer obsessed with pretty and sparkly things.

Today, I'm proud to add another first to the list.  My first beauty ambassadorship! I am officially the Los Angeles beauty ambassador for Wet N Wild Beauty. Fabulous events, collaborations, and giveaways are on the way and I can't wait to share them with you. The twist to this first? My very first makeup purchase was a WNW nude lipstick in sixth grade. Old becomes new becomes wild beyond my imagination firsts.
To celebrate the fab partnership, I'm giving away a gift bag filled with my favorite Wet N Wild products!

{GBF x Wet N Wild Beauty Giveaway}

To enter:

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3. BONUS ENTRY: Tweet Follow and RT I want to win the @goodbadandfab x @WetnWildBeauty gift bag giveaway! #beautyambassador
4. Giveaway ends Friday March 15, 2013 11:59 PST

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Personal Style Outfit-Silver Jeans Co West v. East Style Wars Round 1

When the west coast v. east coast, Death Row v Bad Boys feud broke out, I was torn. Even though Suge Knight didn't ask me to pick a side, I felt an invisible tug to pledge my allegiance. Do I align with the west coast clan due to geographical positioning even though I rapped alongside Puff Daddy and Mace while studying for AP biology every afternoon? Embroiled and embattled in torment, I obsessively and heatedly discussed the battle with my friends. I was like Lil' Kim. Then, tragedy struck leaving two hip hop greats in blood and ashes. Crestfallen over the shootings, I made a vow to never again take sides in turf battles. Until now.

I am one of three west coast fashion bloggers repping the left coast in the Silver Jeans Co West v. East Style Wars! Throughout the week, I will be posting looks styled with my favorite Silver Jeans spring pieces to win your votes. The coast with the most votes wins honor, glory, and fashion dignity. A lot is at stake. 

My first outfit is a look one can only get away with in LA this time of the year. The floral blouse with ruffled detailing is color and print saturated so I tamed it with the mellow yellow Suki cropped pants. To diffuse the busy print and bright colors, accessories are kept at a minimum. A pair of nude peep toe pumps is necessary to extend height to the leg cropping effect of the pants. 

Check back for more sunshine state SJC looks this week. Westsiiiiide!

floral top: Sunner {this is similar}
cropped pants: Silver Jeans Co
pumps: Michael Antonio
bracelets: ASOS | BCBGeneration {this is cute, and so is this}
watch: Guess {also loves this}

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Personal Style Post-Celebrate Being One of a Kind

As part of the kick off to the March 4 launch of the One of a Kind Sweepstakes, Diet Dr Pepper wamted to know how I show my personality through my personal style. Some people may dress to impress while others dress for no fuss. I dress to express who I am and how I feel as my personal style is an authentic extension of self-expression. 

My personal style jumps all over the map and may very well border on bi-polar. I don't stick with one trend, one color, one shape or one brand. At my core, I'm girly and feminine and prefer dresses over pants, heels over flats, but that doesn't mean I won't obsess over metal studded sneakers or leather varsity jackets. When it comes to fashion, I'm an equal opportunist and am open to trying anything and everything-as long as it's fabulous! And that' pretty much sums up my outlook on life. I'm always interested, perpetually curious, and will never cease exploring the good, bad, and the fabulous sides of life.  

Recently, I wore two outfits in one day. With just a few fashion tweaks, I changed from a business meeting appropriate blazer and heels look to something more appropriate for football watching with a house full of boys. Although my style may change from day to day and sometimes even from day to night, I always make sure I dress to express.  

tee: T by Alexander Wanggrey pants: NSFblazer: heels: Nicholas wedge sneakers: c/o Koolaburrabracelets: Hermes | Stella & Dot | BCBG

With delicious one of a kind taste and zero calories, Diet Dr Pepper is as unique as you are. We know it's a long road to get to who we're meant to be. Along the way, we make choices, we make mistakes, we get up, and we keep going. And like an amazing work of art, we become one of a kind. At Dr Pepper, we celebrate all that makes us an original, from your unique style to adventurous spirit. To check out more one of a kind stories, watch our films at www.youtube.com/drpeppervideos.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Diet Dr Pepper via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Diet Dr Pepper.

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