Personal Style Outfit-Laugh Out Loud

 This is my favorite day to night uniform. Yes, a printed grandma cardigan and flared skater skirt may not be innovative and perhaps a bit formulaic but there's a reason why it's as universal as e=mc2.  The pairing of a librarian conservative, show no skin cardi with a short and flirty skirt keeps the look interesting and cute while the silhouette works on almost everybody as the cardigan strategically covers up problem areas.

I wore this outfit on an all day fun day which started with girls' lunch at Olive and Thyme (get the Watermelon Fresca), dinner at Son of a Gun (the uni pasta and fried chicken sandwich are heartbreakingly delicious) followed by The Groundlings Holiday Show. It was the most hilarious sketch comedy show I've ever seen. Seriously. Ever. The show has everything going for it-talented actors with the most incredible comedic timing and mimicking skills along with superb writing that pinpoints every fabric and facet of the human emotional psyche elicited during awkward and downright depressingly funny scenarios unique to the holiday season. I let myself freely and passionately convulse with laughter. Because some things are just worth the laugh lines.

If your holiday schedule permits, I implore you to check out the show which is on Fridays and Saturdays from now until end of the month. You too will laugh until you wrinkle. Trust.

*photos by Erica
Tank: American Apparel
Cardigan: Dear Creatures
Skirt: In My Air
Shoes: Cheap Monday
Purse: c/o Cuore and Pelle
Necklace: c/o ChicPeek


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  1. Really lovely outfit, your skirt is really cute!


  2. lovely look :)

  3. SOOO cute! I would wear this everyday if I were you. Seriously adorable!

  4. I think your skater flirty skirt and grandma-like cardigan are too perfect for each other. I love your outfit! You look really cute. I swear! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES

  5. This is very cute- I'm planning to incorporate some geek chic into my style in 2013 too! I like the way you can almost go into character in a pair of geek glasses!

    Very pretty blog & great style

    Sophie x

  6. Love !!!
    I follow back :)

  7. Jenny--

    I absolutely love your readers. There's something about a pair of reader that makes any outfit. I adore this!! The boots are so cute.

    XO Jenna

  8. Bag and shoes are beautiful!!

  9. Great look!!

  10. Can't go wrong with a good grandma sweater! Really love the print on the cardigan and how you've paired it with such feminine and preppy pieces. Looks great! :)


  11. you look amazing !
    great outfit
    I love it <3 :)!

  12. love the look! awesome shoes!


  13. I love this look, you are very pretty xx

  14. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Following you now , hope you can follow back =)

  15. Hi Jenny! Thank you again for the feature, we hope you've been doing well!