Fab Event Spotlight-W Magazine's 40th Anniversary Fete at Saks Beverly Hills

A few weeks ago, I attended a fabulous fete at Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills celebrating W Magazine's 40th anniversary and the book release of W: The First 40 Years. Co-hosted by the venerable Catherine Keener and W's Editor-In-Chief Stefano Tonchi, guests sipped on cocktails and nibbled on small bites while viewing an exhibition showcasing the culmination of forty years of visual masterpieces captured by the lens of W's world-class photographers. I've always admired W Magazine for its visually stunning and artistically inspiring images so it was such a treat to take a walk down memory lane all while standing on the second floor of Saks

As I was nibbling on a mini beef wellington while admiring an intimate portrait of Jackie O from the 70s, my eyes locked with Catherine Keener so I went over and introduced myself. We chatted for a few minutes about my career transition from fashion lawyer to fashion blogger. She was warm, beautiful and thoroughly engaging and encouraged me to continue working for my passion for fashion.

Passion. Fashion. Those were the words of the night. Passion for fashion is W Magazine's past 40 years of dedication to their sartorially enriching, avant garde works of art. Passion for fashion is Saks Fifth Avenue's quest to make all of us look and feel fabulous. And passion for fashion is what I l live for...perhaps for the rest of my life or at the very least, the next 40 years.

*I am a guest blogger for Saks Fifth Avenue and this post was originally featured on the Saks website

{live fabulously}