London Travel Diary-Dining Synergy

While sifting through the thousands of Eurotrip pictures, I came across mouth watering images of my dinner at Sushinho, a Brazilian sushi restaurant located in London's super posh Chelsea neighborhood.  Apparently sushi is absolutely huge in Europe, particularly in London where almost every restaurant row is blocked with at least one sushi restaurant. 

Even with sushi saturating the British restaurant scene, Sushinho still stands in a class of its own as it is the only restaurant in all of Europe to exclusively serve Brazilian sushi, a fruity and sweet twist on traditional Eastern raw fish diningThe originators of Brazilian sushi are Brazil's Japanese immigrant population who identified and infused tropical Brazilian ingredients such as passion fruit and mango into rolls, carpaccio, and other traditional Japanese dishes. The harmonious blend of sea meets tropics  makes for a delectable palate synergy that I happily gobbled up. 

The low calorie sangria sparkler was not low in flavor

all restaurants need to mix edamame with garlic and chili oil

on the left: the Rio roll topped with fresh strawberries was a double layer of sweetness. on the right: The Samba eel roll was yummy as the perfectly grilled unagi created texture and a fun crunch.

the lobster roll tasted like it had just rolled out of the ocean as it was so fresh. The fresh mango and wasabi added a sweet and edgy kick

the waygu tartare was creamy and decadent. The quail egg topping put me over the top

the pork confit salad with mango, cantaloupe and crispy bacon is one of the restaurant's most popular dishes. The pork literally melted in my mouth.

by the time the Fried Plantain Fried Rice came out, I was painfully full. But I finished all of it-a piggy testament to how delicious it was. 

the passion fruit crumble with toffee and caramel ice cream was one of the best desserts of my entire trip. The complexity of the layers made each bite exciting and addicting

{live fabulously}