Personal Style Outfit-Fearless Fashion

When Cosmopolitan Magazine and Luxury Palladium asked me to go on a blind date, I fearlessly said yes. By blind date, I really meant they wanted me to style an outfit around a pair of shoes (the blind item) I hadn't seen for their Fearless Fashion campaign. I'd never done anything like this before and was curious to find out what I was about to step into. 

On the big day, I heard a knock at the door. I waited a few second before I opened it as I didn't want to appear overtly eager or overly excited (ladies, it's all part of the game). A shoe box from Two Lips sat gingerly on the door mat, quietly and politely waiting for me. As I took the box inside and took to it with a pair of scissors, I suddenly got the blind date jitters. Will they be cute? A good fit for me? Will my family and friends approve? What if they're perfect on paper but just don't do it for me? With my heart pounding and butterflies circling my stomach, I cut open the box and took out the shoes.

Red laced wedges! They're a perfect match! I guess when you have Cosmo Mag (the definitive fashion lifestyle magazine) and palladium (inexpensive luxury jewelry metal that's more rare than gold and platinum combined) as your matchmakers, finding your sole mate requires absolutely no fear. 

Leather lace skirt: Ladakh
Lace wedges: c/o Two Lips
Necklace: gift from a friend (thanks Bon!)
Bracelets: c/o Style Queen | c/o 2b by Bebe

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